Mr. Feliu has served as a neutral for over twenty-five years. His focus on alternative dispute resolution, however, began early in his career as evidenced by his first book, published in 1988, entitled Resolving Employment Disputes Without Litigation. That focus continues to this very day as demonstrated by the publication of his latest book, ADR in Employment Law.

Mr. Feliu’s success as a neutral is rooted in the breadth of his experience and his even temperament. Mr. Feliu has represented individuals as well as Fortune 50 multi-nationals, he has litigated single plaintiff cases as well class actions, and he has practiced in a two person start-up as well as a partner in a prestigious global law firm. Mr. Feliu’s balanced perspective, calm demeanor, and broad experience and insight gained from four decades of practice in a wide variety of settings has been the engine for his success as a neutral.

Mr. Feliu continues to practice law which he believes enhances his value as a neutral, keeping him grounded and up-to-date on legal developments and litigation trends and current practices and norms.

Mr. Feliu’s neutral work spans the full gamut, from serving as a mediator facilitating the resolution to the parties’ dispute, to service as an independent investigator where he is asked to discover the relevant facts underlying the parties’ dispute, to retention as an arbitrator where he is asked to make definitive findings of fact and to apply the law to those facts. Mr. Feliu has also served since 2006 as the EEO Officer for the Port of New York and New Jersey, a collectively-bargained position, in which capacity he conducts independent investigations and reports on claims of discrimination and harassment involving workers at the Port, both union and nonunion.

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