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Mr. Feliu is a well-respected and seasoned mediator having mediated cases for over 30 years. He has also been called upon by the American Arbitration Association to train new or inexperienced mediators and serves on the AAA’s Master Mediator Panel. Mr. Feliu has extensive experience conducting mediations on the Zoom platform.

Mr. Feliu has mediated both employment and commercial disputes for the American Arbitration Association, on an ad hoc basis, and for the federal courts raising a wide variety of claims. For example, Mr. Feliu has experience mediating: breach of commercial contracts and partnership disputes; disputes involving limitations on post-employment activities; breach of fiduciary duty and duty of loyalty claims; allegations of discrimination and harassment based on sex, sexual orientation, age, race, national origin, religion and other protected categories; retaliation and whistleblower claims; breach of executive and employment contracts; executive compensation disputes, including stock option and stock valuation disputes, and; common law claims such as defamation, tortious interference, and negligence.

Mr. Feliu has also mediated numerous class and collective actions, often in the wage and hour setting, as well as multi-party disputes. He has mediated, on several occasions, groups of individual claims resulting from decertified classes as well as the individual damages claims of plaintiffs in class or collective actions where the issue of liability has been resolved. He has also mediated mass or group filed cases, generally in the wage and hour setting.

Mr. Feliu’s strength as a mediator is based on the broad and varied nature of his experience beyond his service as mediator, representing as he has clients all along the spectrum from large multi-national organizations to individuals. He has represented clients as a partner in a prestigious global law firm and as a founder of a two-person start up law firm. He brings to every mediation his varied and balanced experiences and perspectives. He endeavors to create an atmosphere in which the parties can work through their problems honestly and without fear of rebuke. When the parties are making good progress in the resolution of their dispute, Mr. Feliu is comfortable standing back and facilitating their discussions and monitoring their progress. In contrast, when the parties’ progress in resolving their dispute has slowed or they are at impasse, Mr. Feliu is prepared to intercede, with circumspection, in whatever manner suits the circumstances (reality-testing, role playing, challenging the merits of or premises underlying the parties’ positions, etc.) to help break the impasse and enhance communication between and among the parties. Mr. Feliu views a successful mediation as one in which an amicable resolution is reached with only that amount of intervention on his part as may be necessary to bring the parties to the point in which they can resolve the dispute on their own terms and in their own manner.

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